FreeSamplesWe just love finding you all the best freebies, you might ask yourself some questions about if there actually free, but we can help you with this. Please check out below our most common questions.

1- What does this site do?

Our website is focused on compiling all the latest freebie offers, discounts and coupons as soon as they hit the market. We’re always updating our list of offers, sometimes couple of times in a day. If you are a regular internet user, you must already know that internet is a great place to look for freebies and other money saving offers. All we do is help our website user to save a lot of money by winning the offers that we list on our website.

2- Why would companies want to give away free stuff?

A lot of companies out there want product testers to check out their product samples or actual product. So they contact websites like ours to get this done. Giving away freebies is always a strategy of many companies and brands to market their stuff. If the users like the free stuff, it is more likely that they would purchase it in the future. This way it is a win-win situation for both parties involved. You have to be careful and look for only the websites (like ours) which list only genuine and legit offers. We also make sure that all of the expired offers are removed from our website on a regular basis so the users would have to face and unpleasant scenario.

3- How can I provide you with a sample of my product to give away to product testers?

If you want your product to get tested then you are always welcomed to contact us. We have a following of thousands of people who regularly request for different products. All you would have to do is contact us and we’d list it on our website. Afterwards, the interested people will send you their contact information and mailing address through our website for you to send the samples. The important thing to be noted here is that you will be responsible for all shipping expenses.

4- Why haven’t I got my freebie yet?

There are a lot of people who regularly follow our website to get freebies. The number of samples and products that are offered by various companies and brands are usually limited. So they go as they come. You have to act fast if you want to get free stuff. Visit our site a couple of times a day and sign up for our newsletter to request a product as soon as it is offered.

5- How long will it take for a freebie to be delivered?

Once you are selected for freebies or products, the companies are responsible to send you the items. It usually takes 4-8 weeks for a freebie to arrive at your doorsteps. We suggest that you continuously apply for various offers so you mail box keep flowing with freebies after a few week. Make sure to put your address correctly. You can also contact the brand or the company you are expecting a freebie from.