About Us

ahus-logoOur website is all about competitions, freebie stuff, discounts and coupons. You can find thousands of offers to get freebie stuff from various companies in UK. There are hundreds of competitions that are held on a weekly basis and prizes are distributed amongst the winners.

New offers are added in the existing list and the expired ones are removed so the users don’t have to experience anything unpleasant. We don’t use any automated software to find freebie offers, we pick them up ourselves to make sure that all of them are legit. A lot of companies and brands contact us too to get their products on our list for the sake of product testing and marketing. We also offer the service of free newsletters for the users who want to stay updated with the list which is updated sometimes even couple of times a day.

We do our best to make sure that all of the offers and coupons that are added on are list are real and legit but if you have any unpleasant experience we apologize for it in advance and insist that you share it with us so we could work on it to make your experience better in the future.